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Happiness Brings Laughter


What makes us laugh is fantastic, that means our
bodies are working in perfect order, all the way from
the head to the feet.

When we laugh we are happy, in complete control of
everything that makes one healthy and satisfied
without thoughts, just happy endorphins are the
answer to all unnecessary problems.

Sure we all have situations we get ourselves into, but
that is part of making life work, in directions that can
be more suitable in complex ed situations.

We should carry on with life in a serious manner. but
in one, that will not cause unpleasant consequences. Be
head of a company, but don't take it to much to heart,
when all situations don't go your way the first time, we
must always be patient and orderly in mind, or confusion
and opposing. will become a obstacle in our way, and that
is when nothing is accomplishment in the correct manner.

Ever notice how relaxed we are, when we wake up in
the morning, with a good outlook, with our morning
coffee, and hoping with a positive note, we will have a
pleasant day without to many expectations that make
us upset if they are not fulfilled the way we wanted
them to be, we must except, what we have done, was
worth doing our best, and it still is worth our best, it
may not go exactly the way we thought it may go,
but many times, something better comes into play
and all thoughts of what we wanted it to be, became
a more positive idea.

We live life firm, surrounding ourselves with strict
values in our mind, the way we think life should be
to make living as easy as possible, but as we know, life
is not perfect, unbalanced to all creditability, trying to
except life the way it is, but satisfaction does not always
satisfy, just pushed aside, hoping everything will take
care of itself in a mystical way, or something in that

That is our sweet life of lessons learned, we live, cry
and in time, become wise, if we heed, what we have
been taught through living life.

Life is not easy, you must earn your own way everyday of
your life, all by yourself!! Your the one who leads
the show, your the one who must love, give,
understand, and be compassionate. Your the one
who makes life the way you want it, through many
many mistakes. Never think! You will have others to
help you, that is wrong, they may stand by you,
but your the one, to make life the way it will be for
you, through thick and thin. Your must follow your
own intuition not expecting life is going to be

It is going to be the hardest and misunderstood job
you will ever do in your whole life, not read in a book,
“How To Live Life” so many disillusionment’s, will bring
you to your knee's, but in time, with all your struggles
fights, all you find true, all your knowledge becomes
wisdom, with gifts you earned all by yourself with enough
faith, hope and belief in yourself that you radiated, from
your own light, called the soul.

So in the long run!! A happy heart, is a peaceful heart
radiating light and energy from themselves.

(Life is really a miracle)

By Derena

© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)

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