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 Tapestry  Grand

The garden sleeps at night's soft stillness on rose blooms in the rising moonlight.
The shadows dance on vines of life in the playful motion of dreamers sight.
Walking in the glow of garden fireflies the draping fog begins to drift through the air
Hazing moonlight faces the ghost of shadow's sight; a haunting, taunting thrill of the night.

My garden sleeps till the sun rises to kiss the petals of daisies one by one, the outreach 
Leaf stretches high to greet the bees as they pass by.
There is a gentle scent that fills the air each flower lifts up their face in loving care.
The flowers greet the day with their epic story when buds open to the Morning Glory

The flowering peace of color, rejuvenate in dawns rising hour.
Dew drops evaporate a shot lived moistures natural fate
The garden open eyes invite all life to its paradise
A vivid blend of the artful prize that smooth the morning beams that rise

Now night sleeps in hours chill to let the sunlight shine on glen and hill
So freeing light will cast the sight of mornings sweet delight
Now comes the moment when Falcon soars in flight
Looking down upon the land viewing the tapestry so grand.

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Tapestry Grand