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Dust Storms (Part Two)

The dust storm raged for four long days. If only we had some shelter
We did have our goggles and face cloth to cover our nose and mouth
Yet, the intensity of wind and clutter of debris added to the danger.
The animals grew stranger, while there began a steady fall of mercenary soldiers and rangers.

Our goal was to find the missing Treasure of Sudan and the missing Scrolls of Life
From day one we face hardship and strife. 
A phantom storm of dust and debris was the first fury to run free.
Finally, the dust begins to clear, the massive dunes appearing near.

We cremate our dead and a eulogy was said.
Ashes and sand weigh light, as the mixture vanishes the site.
Sargeant Leman was left to command for the few left must meet the demand.
Twenty miles ahead stands the ancient cave, a place that holds legend of conquered knaves.

A haunting shrill looms in the air, a levitation of forboding mist circles in a looming twist. 
The treasure and scrolls are hidden in the cave, guarded by the spirits of the brave.
Could the mortal army of Sargent Leman walk the space and retrieve the treasure and scrolls?
An image now beckons the men to this mysterious place.

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Dust Storms (PartTwo)