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A Trophies Life

The sizzling heat drained his strength he could not go the length.
The Marathon would soon end; for him, it was over before it begins.
He did not see it as a loss that would be too great of a cost, a mere lesson
Reflecting on what to change, what to protect, or maybe to rearrange.

He worked in the chill of the night, and increased his endurance and might; 
He worked in midday blazing sun, walked those moments to prepare to run,
Now his Marathon has begun.
His strength lasted the duration; he came in first place, with a look of victory,
that shone upon his face.

Somehow he did not see his run as a win, it was an obstacle that he overcame, 
His trophy sits on the fireplace mantle with a date and his name
For years he took first place in modesty and grace. 
Now, years later, he no longer competes he views the races victories and defeats from his seat. 

What we view, win or lose, stands beyond any trophy or fame.
It is not the outcome of the race or the game, or the trophy that bears our name
Growing to know the quality of commitment that shows.

So if you choose to only see loss or gain be prepared for a lifetime of pain
If you choose to see it all as the same that life is not a game the heart will 
Value love and peace as the true trophies that bears our names.  

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A Trophies Life