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Dust Storms (Part Three)

A mist rises with images of an ancient line of warriors standing tall.
The cave was a few yards ahead, It was everything that the Legend said.
A pulsating roll that echoed in the air like the heart of the cave was still alive 
An ancient dwelling that knows it is the tomb of the Monarchs of Doom. 

The soldier follows Sargeant Leman who was the first to enter the cave.  Private William
Was the last to enter the cave as he took his last step from the desert the wind started to wail.
Another Phantom storm perhaps; the cave would serve as shelter, while the desert fury blows 
Its Helter Skelter rage, the forces of the cave was reflections of the siege of the fallen brave. 

Deep into the cave, they walked the path to an area with jeweled chests overflowing in silver and gold.
A gold chalice sat at a round table inlaid in pearls, a plate of silver that reflected the encircling spirits of old;
It would be right to say the Lost Treasure of Sudan was found that day.
They continued searching for The Scrolls of Life deep into a narrow corridor they explored. 

An altar of glass standing on a ruby inlaid floor they saw the scrolls as they pass encased in mirrored doors.
A brazen spirit appears, drawing strength from the men's fears. 
Bellowing in Sergeant Leman's face the spirit informed him and the group of men that the scrolls will not leave the case.
The Treasure of Sudan was also trapped in the cave it would continue to be in the spirits trust, beyond the cave it would turn to dust.
So ends the search and story, unseen the cave maintains an ancient glory.

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Dust Storms (Part Three)