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Mountain Sparks

It was a lost cause, she said. Then made a pause.
The mountains stood afar they glow beneath a star.
Trying to muster the strength to touch the peaks in a cluster.
One mountain stood apart as its sparks show from the start.

Ready to touch the sky higher than where eagles soar on by
Midnight arrives with sounding thunder, the darkness is asunder.
Crimson lava flows its course, neighboring mountains express

Lost cause indeed when peaks display their dauntless needs
The fire in molten flow has chosen its empty seeds, a flower 
Among the weeds. So liquid fire continues to grow and lava
relentlessly flows. Certainly not a flower surrounded by weeds
Just an angry volcano's greed fulfilling natures needs.

She knew the valley must empty, the people must leave
Time was calling for mankind to go in another direction
They could only abandon their homes and seek protection

When the fire ignites the mountains blast, rip-roaring fast
Destroying all, gaining force as the lava flows past.
Be far away from its path, and thankful you lived
In the aftermath.

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Mountain Sparks