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Rain Kissed Grounds

After a long rainfall,  fragrant magnolias fill the air
The moss dangling from the trees slightly moving 
In the breeze, like fresh lace a beauty of silent grace.
The river's level measures high water is the rivers blood
Flows upon the land with spilling floods.
Once parched sun-baked soil, crops came near spoil.
The rain softens land, seeds take to sprouts, the dormant seeds
Have turned about.
Summer rises to the call to bring Harvest in the fall abundant 
Crops to feed us all.
Flowers attract the bees, as magnolias bloom in gentle ease.
A lazy, hazy afternoon that ends so very soon.
The night surrenders to the crescent moon.
Soft shadows of lovers spoon, the mockingbirds song peacefully looms
The midnight walks with many sounds upon the rain kissed grounds


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Rain Kissed Grounds