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Chip on the Shoulder

Atlas has balanced the world on his shoulders
This earthly home is a mere boulder.
We are not meant to bear such weight;
Yet, we often siege our own fate.

Tears of nations flood the Sea of sorrow
History walks the halls of yesteryear and tomorrow.
Meet the sun with a brazen stride light must not be allowed to hide.
The noble notion is more than pride feels the force of the living tides.

Take a long look in the mirror hold it far than near. Can you see your image clear? 
A whisper bellows in the ear to bring an end to empty fear.
The weight we bear is so unfair, but the truth remains no one cares.
If Atlas cast the world unbound, then life within will remain sound. 

There is no fantasy in this when the world becomes amiss.
I gladly bid Atlas a farewell kiss, it's not the fact he's lost his strength,
It is time to put down the  Earthly boulder Atlas has developed a chip
on his shoulder.

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Chip on the Shoulder