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Enchanted Kingdom

Children find ways to keep the magic of the moment alive.
In the forest, by a Lilypad pond, lays an old abandon hive.
The frogs were gathered to hop upon this nest
Fate would have it, it was one of natures test.
If weight was placed on this old hive, it would sink on the frogs first dive.

I took a double look, I saw a saddle on a Frog and atop a King Fairy
Leading the army of the mighty Water Sprites Infantry
A water metropolis of a Fairy world, unseen for a hundred
Years, a pond formed by the forest's tears.
The home of the Water Sprites an ethereal entity, I did not fear.

The King and his army searched the water for dangers, keeping
a lookout for strangers, they were harmonious with fish and snails, 
but the snakes always made them pale when they saw one they let out a wail. 
Somehow they came to a truce and the snakes became the vessels they sailed.

The brave Army and Navy encircled their home, awareness was keeping
Them safe and the abandoned beehive stayed afloat,
A decorative camouflage hiding their castle and its moat. 
The Tiny Kingdom  to the Water Fairies young and old 
It was a peaceful Kingdom we were told.

Princess Ellie was of age to wed she would Marry Prince Nathan of 
The Wood Fairy clan near the water Kingdom Grand, in three days 
They would join hands, Princess Ellie would leave the water for a new life
She would become the Wood Prince Nathan's beautiful wife. 

More to follow of this tale, Enchanted Kingdom (Part Two)

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Enchanted Kingdom