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Enchanted Kingdom (Part Two)

It's a beautiful summer day, as she steps into her soft white silk dress
Princess Ellie prepares for her wedding an hour away. 
Her wings are dusted in silver flakes, their tips are 
inlaid in gold, her soft brown eyes a glimpse of paradise.
Her vail was fine woven lace, her velvet train flowed with grace. 

The King walked down the aisle to give his daughter
away he would always remember this day.
The tall mushroom stems lined the hall like mystic pillars,
They stood strong and tall. The two Kingdoms gathered to see
a new beginning Princess Ellie, and Prince Nathan's unity. 

Princess Ellie would walk away from her childhood home,
the forest is where she will now roam. 
Chipmunks were lined up to pull  a walnut carriage to the 
Forest castle,  bringing the Newlywed to the Throne Room 
for Coronation, the two Kingdoms would gather there 
for a celebration.

The bride and groom stood in the throne room the 
Faries in joyful song waited for this day so very long;
A loving couple, now man and wife, the new Kingdom
would bring the fairies a long and exciting life.

Many children would grow from their lasting love, now peace
shines upon the Enchanted Kingdom's grace, merging the two
Kingdoms in prospers place.
The story that will not end, for their adventure begins. 

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Enchanted Kingdom (Part Two)