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What is Happening?


Civilization is going backward
destroying the inner core
or humanity.

Love seems to be fading in
another dimension, four
letters of love are nothing
but a shallow emotion.

Actions speak, what does heart
feel?? Love is never demanding
thoughtless, negative, hurting,
it should be giving, compassionate,
and all that goes with God's holy

If one loves they share, they
heal the wounded, help the
sick, through there pain that
causes friction, they stand
together in support of each other
not corruption and lawlessness.

One can love deeply, yet
sickness will draw lines never
meaning to be, sickness can
scare away the weak in time
of need of no fault of their
own. Not easy being strong.

Sacrifice takes alot of courage
to many can turn away in spite
when love takes a different
direction leading into darkness
and denial.

Core of humans make up nations
of destruction, trying has gone
some where in another time, no
struggling to make life work, weak
spirit and hopelessness has taken
the upper seat in these uncertain
times we now live in.

It seems now, 'it is what I want,'
'what I can get,' what will make
me happier,'everything is what
will make number one happy!!
What has happened to humans?
no more compassion, just what
he wants, gets, achieves, is what
what makes this world go around
these days!!

If you cannot get what you want
and accomplish, then life is a downer!
What happened, just being happy living
a simple and spiritual life, maybe to much
expectations has become the ruler of
planet earth..

We should be the master of our own hearts
and souls without contamination and destructing
our way of life.

(Confusion will only cause more confusion)

By Derena

© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)

©2000 - 2022, Individual Authors of the Poetry. All rights reserved by authors.

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