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Enchanted Kingdom ( Part Three )

In a miraculous  moment, a new life arrives,  Queen and King, have a very fine son
Soft blue eyes he seldom cries, Prince William has warmed his parent's heart 
From the start. Soft golden hair, swaddled in the petal of a yellow rose
Tiny Prince William lay in his fathers loving arms, safe from all harm

Born in the vibrant spring, the soft lullaby all Faries sing. The Melodie of birth
Of royalty of a new Prince on silver wings. His Mother, Queen Ellie, seeing a future vision
The sight of a strong heart and mind that could light a distant perilous night
She knew he would stand with virtue and dignity he would show placidity

The Enchanted Forest Is filled with cherry blossoms and budding trees, a colorful cocoon
 Release velvet blue Butterflies,  and nectar searching Bees.
Life-giving spring filled with a splendid hope to bring
Cradled in a buttercup pistil cone the new Prince will trade it someday for a throne.
On the wings of a red-breasted Robin, Queen Ellie's Parent arrives, her water sprites family ties.

Indeed Queen Ellie would value the look in her Father and Mothers eyes, at the sight of William's
heartwarming face, one sight and they will kneel in place.
Come to walk the time of seasons bliss when the moon and stars and woodland mystical value 
Is not missed. On the forehead of Prince William, his loving Grandparents instills their kiss.
William will grow to know the quality of love, come to witness his days, as his value begins to portray.

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Enchanted Kingdom (Part Three)