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Day of Rest

The dawn closes the night's star glow array
Showers are on display, clouds roll in this day
The chatter fills the room I am reminded of a soft loving tune. 
"Rock of Ages" in melody, sets my troubles free.

One more cup of tea a spoon full of sugar to sweeten old soar me
My Bible and offering in place, then to the church to find the grace
Rain starts a steady fall while thunder forcefully calls
The fellowship of Sunday gathers fast, to bring the quality that lasts.

Soft songs that fill the air, brings a gentle hopeful care where Angels fair
A sermon  speaks of salvation a needed, soul-searching, presentation
Coffee and cookies after worship we unite two halls up and fill our plates and cups
The day of peace fills my heart and brings my week to a joyful start

Peace and joy are the best to greet me on my day of rest.

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Day of Rest