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Soft flame light through tender eyes,
Words spoken in the haze of a new day,
Falling through time like holy rain,
Breathing sunshine into spaces of life,
Where hearts search through the universe,
For those who are lost in the shadowlands,
Poised to dance amidst the shining stars.
How we miss the perfume of innocence,
The mystery born from hidden pathways.
How could we know what was meant to be,
In those moments that grew between us all,
Beguiled by a dream that shrouded us,
Words and thoughts that captured our souls.
We fell sleeping into the ocean of oblivion,
But soon we will rise again from the waters
To reach the sacred island where all is hope
And walk slowly towards the mystical dawn.

Take care that the world treats you gently
And take my words as a gift of a flower to a garden.

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