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Comfort so  Kind

When the pain becomes the strongest aspect of living
Then find a way to ease its intrusion
We are not our pain, we are more, pain must become an illusion
When the world seems to fall apart, can we consider a new start?

In rainbow pastel shades, an ancient promise was made
In the darkness, when the fire was first shown, its warmth became known
We have come a long way, none that I suggest is easy
Yet, we can learn from one another, hopefully, we can help
Our Sisters and brothers.

There is a risk, there are gifts, there are multi-factors that are tuff
Unless we try we will not know so don't be afraid when edges are ruff.
Can we settle our qualms?  Or do we give up the ghost And die?
We must settle agony as it appears, we must dry our salty tears
Have we given thought that survival is learned, do we absorb what we're taught?

Take the effort to last the final mile, seal the moment in triumph's smile
Know that flesh will dissolve in time it fades away, hold the faith as long as you stay
In darkness do we cling to light, in light do we cling to love?
When it all comes to pass, all we do and say will become the greatest light that shows the way
( Finding we have left the pain behind can lead us to a comfort so kind)


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Comfort so Kind