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It Feels Better To Be Unfinished (Wish-Unspoken, But With My Eyes)

I saw a sign
it read:
to be understood
is good,
but I thought...
its better to fly
from all interpretations.

The wind today
is smooth and light,
as it barely stipples my face.
I feel alive
quickened by its touch.

I wish I could soar,
glide the thermals
to somewhere more
somewhere new--
to be distant
and with the distances.

I often feel my best self
only with and in the wind.

Some days, though,
I feel lonely and alone.
Yet, the wind moves me.

Some days I stand tall,
but still not completely straight.
Pelted by the rain
while the wind pushes me.

I'm not the pebble who knows
when it is time to move,
nor be moved

Some nights I lie awake
listening to the roaring sea.
Its thrashing
sounds like desperation
and restlessness.

In my shoulders
I feel an itch
the growing pain
of a fledgling's wings.

I have skies and mountains to cross,
and more oceans to see,
and many distances yet
to travel.

It feels better
to be unfinished,
even at times
to unravel.

Let us never tell one another
what to do...
but be patient enough
to listen...

(thank you)

legal copyright for this poem
August 27 2018...4:00pm PST time date stamped
and also for this Author/Poet/Writer
Melissa A Howells
and also for this legally copyrighted site title
Meloo Straight From Her Tilt-A-World
Re-edited 11:32A>M> December 5, 2018

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