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Dreams Come Alive

There is a soft shine to the dusk this night a parting sun now streams
The midnight magic holds no malice the stars watch as I tip my chalice
Here's to the days of summer light and to the star cast nights
If all stands in the Makers hand, my restless soul will understand

The shimmering water where stillness speaks reflects a place that
Night Owls peak, a day of sudden motion has come to close.
I witness soft blooms of a lunar rose.
Reflections on the water's face are bowing to nocturnal's grace.

Sun will stand in the blue summer sky's and place the light
In Heaven's glance, a willful moment of Angel's sight.
The time approaching near to view its beauty clear
We no longer strive, our hearts are soothed with summers tears.

A parting hour is as a fragile flower, kept under glass, for all that
lingers are sure to pass.
The eyes close once again to rest the souls of troubled men
Soft solitude has arrived and dreams of lovers come alive.

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Dreams come Alive