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Ellie Marie
On the edge of town lived an old woman who could barely get around.
She was ninety-three, she wore thick glasses to see,  her hearing was failing as well.
This woman was four foot eleven she was studios and courteous, she said," I have one
foot on earth and a foot in Heaven."

The woman's name was Ellie Marie, with a smile as bright as the sun, her laughter was
Like a happy child, boisterous and yet, mild. 
Eight more years came her way, she would light up my darkest day.
I will miss Ellie Marie she lived a long life, and then her soul was set free.

Her last day I remember well, when she said to me, "One hundred and one, I was just
Starting to have fun, now my time is done. Remember my smile and laughter I will
Leave with it when and take it with me to the "Here After" life is full of triumph and disaster, but 
When it brings on a smile it moves much faster."

So on this day, I remember her words and beautiful smile and hold precious her memory
For a very long while.
Save me a seat at Heaven's gates my soul seen redemption in place you await.
Together we can see the glory of Heaven's eternity. Our souls will frolic free.

(In memory of my great Aunt, Ellie Marie)

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Ellie Marie