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In the room where history dwelled, the artifact was the stairway to hell.
The scales were tipped, life and death could not balance the terror denied the chance
One solitary instant was wailing and so resistant. 
No longer could she walk away, so she had no choice but to stay

Days and night entwined the blending would soon define. Her sacrifice now praying, 
On bended knee, she was tearfully praying.
To the Preist, she did confess, In her Italian laced chapel dress, her very soul begins to wail
Candlelight fills the Cathedral's walls when her pale cold body begins to fall.
In the near distance, she hears the Angels call.

One last look into Mother Superiors face, her soul is drifting in open space,
she lifts to a better place.
The mother of sky and earth has claimed her worldly worth
Walk on the edge of the time where Heaven souls make their climb
Looking to her empty shell her pure soul calmly bypasses hell

What was witnessed on that day she defines the value of her soul, had not gone astray.

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