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Scuba Day

It was a red-hot summer day, the beaches were packed. 
Sandcastles lined up like condominiums filling the shore
The kids would push them down and build some more.
The water was cool and nice next to the heat it felt like ice.

Now Billy had his scuba mask and flippers, he said they were
His fish slippers, he put on his underwater goggles and jumped in the water
He was ready to find some treasure he brought his bucket to measure.
In and out of the water, he said he felt like a well-dressed otter.

He found bottle caps, gum wrappers, and a bikes mud flappers.
He searched the better part of the day, but nothing of value came his way
No gold no jewels or sunken treasure chest, Billy had given his best.
So he took off his scuba gear and figured he'd enjoy the rest of his day,
so he jumped in the water to play.

Sometimes we search and we don't find a treasure, but we remember 
Hot days with fun and pleasure.
Billy built the biggest castle of all
When the tide came he watched it wash away and he  smiled he knew it would not stay
He knew he could build it again the very next day. 

(The snapshots I took, of that summer, is in the treasure box on the living room table
The images showed happy faces the true treasure is in the right places)

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Scuba Day