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Reach Out

Day steps away, the crisp moon is on display
A primal flow stirs in its mystic glow 
Lifted to the heights of midnight sights
Swept away until the call of dismay of
Cloudy days
Raindrops fall and dance in the light casting 
shadow's fight

When days show pitch of charcoal grey the inner peace
Begins to free, earth and sky holds a gentle plea
Windswept fields drink its fill and cling to the rolling hills
When the clouds begin to part, the lifted gloom will dart
Kelly green grass as far as the eyes can see, sets the 
spirit free.

Climbing the heights to find a broader view and gather warmth
Of soft Su'ns silky hue knowing such moments are few.
The hope and faith will see us through
Day in and day out, come rain or drought, the life of the world
Will always reach out...

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Reach Out