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On the Run

In the early dawn, I walked near the waters Lilypond
A dragonfly caught my eye and steals a solemn sigh
I walked beyond the pond  and sat near the pines dew drops 
Softly shines, like precious jewels from ancient times.

Do you hear the Bluejays song that chatters loudly and strong
Did you see the trees bow to gentle showers that comes and goes within the hour?
A walk back to my home to get ready for the day,  I let go of images of the trees in sway
Some tea and toast to keep me strong and then I move along.

Good morning to this sunny day, where nature finds time to play
The bird on the wing will bring this day a song to sing.
My cat wonders through the flowers like a stalking panther for her prey
She will later sleep on my doorstep and scare the squirrels away.

So shine on golden rays of sunshine and make this Thursday fine
At Five o'clock my cat and I will trace our tracks back to the pines.
When work is done I'll save some pleasure and watch the setting sun.
Shine on and free my restless soul to sunbeams on the run.


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On the Run