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Nathan's World

I see a light in his big brown eyes, and I am thankful for my family ties.
Bare feet and a smile so sweet, my young Grandson sits in his speed racer seat.
His laughter is so contagious I must say, he giggles then run away.
He is a two cookie bandit, yes, a cookie for each hand, he will try sometimes
To hide them in his sleeve, then he will suddenly take leave.
His sister is his best friend, seems they find the sandbox the best place for fun
When summer days keep them on the run.
Nathan is the master of disguise, he wears his father's hat to look wise
His sister brings him around when she grabs his hat to swat a flys.
Dad sees this and reclaims his hat, he hangs it on the hat rack.
Nathan is yawning, now he is ready for his nap, It will help him grow and stay mellow.
Soft lullabies he rubs his eyes, now asleep in his closing surrendering sigh.

With all my love, your Grandmother.

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Nathan`s World