The Dark August..

The Dark August 2018
The dark august while rains
O” hell rains O' hell rains
that Madden the mountains, woods..
madden the rivers and madden the Arabian Sea.
The gods own country,
And its people in the havoc.

Aug 15, Aug16, Aug17, Aug18…..
Wrecked the land in lush
Broken rhythm of lives.
Many dams overflew
Licks blood from the land,
Flooded roads, rails, fields, electric posts,
Dumped logs and dirt, far and wide.
So silly devotional places and isms.
Everywhere Ambulances sounds,
And mourns with empty hands
Waiting for helping hands.

Day and night in dark clouds,
Cattles drowned in their sheds
sleepless nights, howling dogs,
sounds of locust, frogs
and hornbills in day and night,
and rushing water around.
Dashes millions of hopes..

Let's salute “the wonder of humanity “
To rebuild this landscapes..
Salute to rescue teams here.
Unforgotten scary days
Here the struggle of life.
“Damn revenge of nature”
Faced by old one to a newborn
So silly this human…
"Still, the flood of tears is here.
So rise with light love".
Awake my land…Namaste Keralam
Namaste Keralam.

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The Dark August..

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