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Illusive Flame
On a misty summer night, I walk the beach 
Twin moons reflect on the horizon still waters
Silken mirror of river's shine a rippling sky of stars
Shinning near and far to hold the mystery and the might
In silent images of sultry nights
An empty rowboat sits on the shores, awaiting launching with wooden oars
Like stories of Mystic Moor when captured in midnight lore
The spirit of freedoms cry drifts in the by and by
On the banks of the tree-lined shore lunar moths gracefully explore
Drifting on limbs so high they embrace the lucid sky
So now the empty night calls out
Mother earth will dance about
She smiles at sister sky's and softly drinks her peaceful sighs
It is a place where dreams joyfully dance and lovers caress in warm romance
When summer night whispers your name, the light of night lace the tears
In love's blue illusive flame

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Illusive Flame