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Thankful Too, I Am

On a land, away from time in space 
Lives a faith-filled people in this most fabulous place
Living off the lots, keeping in its natural beauty and grace 
Taking only what they get to sit upon the table's lace  
A life continues upon the meeting of grim  
A true sanctimonious essence of the human condition 
Sharing, living in a same dimensional locale 
Beautiful is the bounty in what we harvest 
Grateful are we, receiveth what we promised 
Bluest is the reflection of the ocean's in the sky 
Brightly dost the sun reflect in waves breaking high
Thunder from the ocean's cliffs is to hear for miles around
Rocks break the waves, misting, plummeting through the air  
Delicate is the eagle's wing as we glide aloft  
Elegant is the cloud, snow-white and soft 
More Greater be the Firmament placed on high
More Greatness in I Am who brings forth life
Thankful to I Am for a Glorious Afterlife 

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Thankful Too, I Am