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Gently Wipe the Tears Away

There is a different kind of sadness the heart weeps and shadows appear;
When satin wings of time lift high above sorrow's plea, the soul no longer hides,
Now love and sadness sits side by side.
The mind is weighed and scales will tilt, upon the place where peace was built.
An unquiet mind fights for the breath of cleansing air to walk away with care
The moment sets all thoughts free and cast the sadness to the sea.
The light and brilliant mind is strong and finds a place to belong.
A symposium speaks of the evolution of cosmic force on a natural course.
There will be times when sadness comes and goes, a time when joy will show
If all is broken in the quest, know you've done your best.
The aching heart calls out your name it is time to treat light and shadows all the same.
The eyes of the day will show compassion in a warm and inviting fashion
The mind, heart, and soul, will unite where hope displays
 So if I weep, night or day, I embrace hope to end dismay
I gently wipe the tears away
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Gently Wipe the Tears Away