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just keep going

I look at life with a smile on my face while deep down I'm so freaking depressed that I see life going down hill love is growing and depression is fading but the only thing I have to do is just keep going

But yes as that love grows and that depression sinks the people who look at me judge more but i don't care because truth be told is that I love you and when they tell me to leave I'm gonna get hurt I just keep going

To those who look and tell me to leave screw you because you don't know if our love is true well guess what we do so when you try to put me down I'll onto you no I don't look to you I look to her the one I love the one who keeps me in my good day the one reason I just keep going

Before I met her I had taken my blade that made me bleed and stuck it in my vein although it may not sound true it was I hid it well and to see that to I knew my angel was about to come to so I looked to her and I just kept going

And if you need to complain do it to me because as you see I'm not mean I am nice but sometimes when you see me the smile on my face is sometimes fake but not with her that is real that is one thing that kept me safe that is why I just keep going

Now tell me do I look like the freak you call me behind my back? Am I the one who is stupid to you? Well guess what... I look like I care? hell no I don't care for you I care for one thing and that one thing is her and if you try to take her away I will go back to my blade go back to that hidden facade that I once knew and that facade is the thing that just won't keep me going

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just keep going

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