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The Four Kids

Three lives lost in one day
Four kids in the yard ready to play
As one had walked away
Another just sat and swayed

The one who walked away saw the van pull up
The man who saw the boy jumped him by surprise
We all fear that he lost his life
Cause we all feared he had died

Another boy sat under the tree
And as he did he began to bleed
For there was a hive of bees
For know one knew he was not breathing

Another boy went for a walk
As he was running he found some chalk
But he did not see the car that was driving up
For he did in fact get strucked

The forth boy was swaying in the yard
For he really had a big dog
But the dog couldn't see at all
As the dog walked it saw the blur and killed the kid head in jaws

Now you wonder about the kid in the van
We that kid was me and now I'm a man
I was upset to see my friends dead
But to this day i wish I was dead
Cause now I just sit in regret.

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The Four Kids

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