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The Questionable (Revised)

Did you know one thing gives you away?

That one thing is your eyes
They tell truths and they tell lies
For they show you the times
That you need to be prime

How long have you been here for?

17 years
It must bring you to constant tears
To see you life fade and disappear
For you are strong to hide your fears

If you had to choose would you still live today?

I hope so cause I need you so
For you may be the only who knows
It is I who loves you so
I hope this feeling never goes

Do you love me back?

I hope you do but its your choice
I wish to be quiet and not make much noise
For me when I'm around you I feel like a toy
But to be honest I'm no man I'm just a boy

If you could spend your life with me would you?

Maybe big questions to ask
I will be honest my heart is glass
But some may be my last
But my time with you has been a blast

Will you answer these truthfully?

Or will you leave them as a mystery
For I know how much you truly love me.
For you don't know how happy you've made me
And hope to leave my soul as empty

Do you think I feel the same way?

My honest answer is yes
I wish to be by your side when they put us to rest
But my life before I met you was a mess
For I think and feel you are the best
And I will answer yes for I want you to be my final request.

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The Questionable (Revised)

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