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Tropic Time Travel

I looked across the waters and land was near
We have waited for the diving seagulls to clear
Fish were leaping from the sea waves,
The Swooping gulls were exceptionally brave.

The Red Tide is growing wide, it has brought 
So much loss, marine life has paid the cost
Nearing an island fast, the sooner the better, as we row near
The white sand holds sea mammals in death's final tears

We are weak from air born Red Tide (Algae Bloom)
A massive outbreak consumed the coastline, our boat slowly 
Drifts through this Algae Bloom, now reaching the Blue Lagoon
Toxic water all around, we needed to anchor foot on solid ground.

We finally reached the sandy shore we pulled our boat far across
The white sand beach, it seemed so out of reach,
This diseased water would take its claim but the ebbing tide 
Cries out in pain

There is more to this story that will touch upon love and Glory
Please walk with us On a lush Tropic Island when Time becomes
A means of Travel and a mystery of the ages becomes unraveled.

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Tropic Time Travel