Heartfelt Love..

O..Raja and O.. Rani both are in heartfelt love.
Both are flying like lovey-dovey birds..
In her colored skin tattooed his name
He gives the plums that collected from,
groves which is so sweet..
Both loved, cared and decided to live together
O' lovers “life is so beautiful “if fences aren't there.
Who made this fence? The hunters.
They planted bamboos at the border of their nest-
Grown hastily fast those stem cuttings into wild.
On the fence, little birds and squirrels played
Raja and Rani hoped with them to see once by the fence
The sprouted roots deeply entered into the lovely hearts.
The sharp blade like leafy branches pierced into their flesh
Clumped bamboo leaves with darted shoots bleed them a lot.

Dawn is cloudy with loud thunders that alarms.
Bamboos flowered, later seeded and years passed
Rats breed a lot and famine spread with hot waves
Snakes breed a lot and like flags sways on the poles
Lovely singing birds and playful squirrels have gone astray
Drought stuck-up the village, averted the lovebirds.
They are unable to see each other
Gale that whistling there made the sleepless night

Alas! The venom spitting snakes bite the Rani
Alas! The venom spitting snakes bite the Raja…

But I saw much more fences there are in this world-
clumping bamboo fences with sharp blades.
Now the fences changed into gigantic concrete walls with piercing arms.
Monuments are ready on their names,
Ornamented with lovebirds colorful feathers and quotes …

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Heartfelt Love..

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