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Love  has found its Place

It was a love that seemed so special like no other love expected
The restless waves of oceans tide, caressed by empowering moon
Love was there from the start, the waters danced on white sand shores
There was the key that opened an unusual door

Ocean blue and wide became the florescent Moon's bride
Waters shared her joy with Full Moon's growing pride
A bride of many ships, moonlight kissed her sweet honey lips
Ocean sings her song when moonlight touched her waters strong

Through eons, their union shines in midnight's whimsical jest
Reflection upon silk still water romance finds a chance
When forceful waves begin to form moonlight strokes the waters warm
In tempest motion, Moon and Ocean holds magic in their sight

The sweet-salty woman cast your smile, greet your groom in style
A twinkle of an eye will sweep the moonstruck sky
They feel the union of their love, holding richness of commitment from above
Shine upon her face to fill the night with ageless grace, love has found its place.

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Love has found its Place