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Tropic Time Travel (Part Two)

My brother and I sailed to Blue Lagoon Island to research the red tide phenomenon
Somewhat affected ourselves, after sailing through the toxic sea; poor blue,
The lagoon was far from blue the red tide was too vast powerful to hide. 
Our mission goal was to save marine and coastal life and end the Algae bloom strife. 

(Red Tide is a phenomenon of the sea that occurs and caused by an over amount of Algae Bloom, 
It can cause illness, and death in humans and other life forms such as  sea mammals, fish, and turtles, 
Including the birds that find their food on the coast. 
It releases oxygen depleting toxins, bacteria from the dead, some of which can become air born.)

Prevention or avoiding the contact is far from a solution, my brother Scott, was overwhelmed with 
The outcome of our research, we wanted to save the life of the sea coast, it was the reason that 
Mattered most.

Scott and I went for a long walk deep into a valley of the white roses; the pedals of the past incircled 
Our feet, the fragrance filled the air, before our eyes the hourglass cave, it was time to be daring and brave.
The legend of a time-traveling place was there before our face. 

More to follow in Tropic Time Travel  Part Three

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Tropic Time Travel(Part Two)