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Haunting Night

In the cloud cast sky, the sun rubs her eyes
It is rainy and chilly on this late summer day.
I hear the rain carried by wind, and feel the 
Force in its stormy course.

Life asks for rainbows, but storms appear
The echoes of the thunder fill my aching ears.
Life is so unpredictable and filled with surprise
The weather is so honest it wears no disguise

Unlike life that paints a smile, while tears within
Pours out for miles
At the sands of desert lands, or rocky mountain tops
The weather makes it stand and never stops

 While the heart of life will thrive to  touch the open hand
What storms that stay with mankind are calling us
To find, a peaceful state of mind
The elements will shine or howl, in its natural prowl

The heart of humankind will build a shelter for the restless
Soul to find, when storms of life become unkind
Hold on, the storms of life will pass
The light of the time will bring the sun to shine, it is the 
Gem the heart defines

Seasons fill the globe with hot and cold, snow or blaze
The seasons of the heart will flourish in its maze
So reach for the heights of precious light
Recall the eyes of love in the haunting night
©Allseasonsverse 2018
All right reserved
S. C.

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Haunting Night