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Tropic Time Travel (Part Three)

Scott looked at the cave and asked if we both should enter, 
I thought we needed to stay together; So, we stepped forward
side by side and lit a torch for a guide.
There were halls and doorways on either side of the entrance 
The right was marked future, left was marked past, and the entrance was marked present. 
Scott and I decided to enter the past, a whole new world appeared rather fast! 
A Castle by the sea appeared clearly.
A cobblestone road; farmland as far as the eye could see, a land full of knights and chivalry. 
As we walk, the army of Knights road past in their helmets and riveted chain mail, their horses 
Were draped in armor as well, steadfast and consistent they rode to open fields. 
I looked at my brother and he looked back at me, seems we went too far back in time;
We needed to return before history would see us burn, seems we made a wrong turn.
So back to the entrance to the exit we head, home to our time we both said! 
So we arrive at our time before the clock made a chime. 
We wanted to show in the past to prevent the red tide claiming its victim's lives, but there is 
No way to measure the timeline, in the hourglass cave, we had to find a way to heal and save. 

So concludes, "Tropic Time Travel" (Part Three). Is there a solution in part Four?
Be ready to watch the brothers walk through another door.

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Tropic Time Travel (Part Three)