My Life (post divorce and empty nest) in Sonnets

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Control, Manipulation, and Deception

Original Contemporary Poetry by author, Jean Parr

"Control, Manipulation, and Deception"

Do not attempt to control me
I've been through manipulation before, the crawling vines of cryptic design
You can't talk your way out of what I know; numerous times I've plead
I know the symptoms and the signs

Do not lie to me
Lies are a sign of disrespect, which is undermining
I've known and felt this before; although faintly I recall the feeling of being carefree
I know the symptoms and the signs

Like the Monarch Butterfly, I've never travelled life's journey; I have also never been allowed to wallow
I, too have an internal compass; even though it tosses me around as though I'm in a storm
I know the right direction to follow
I know Narcissism when I see it in all its deceptive forms

I am guided by the Monarch Butterfly
My grandmother guides me through the Monarch Butterfly

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