A Synthetic Soul

The Patience of Grave Dust

There's grime in the streets.
I'm a technician in s#it you shouldn't teach.
Swim or sink, all the meek become ghosts 
and they know it with both fist.

The throne is a tall place to sit back and destroy s#it.
Slightly tainted intent on slipping the tight grip.

Can't fit where you don't belong.
Inside some people no beast was ever born.
Some seem to never learn.
Some seem to love the burn.

Even the bad could be worse in a small way.
Just passed yourself in the hallway.
Most every promise is all fake.
Trying to catch up takes all day.

People take s#!t the wrong way.
I know more than you think but I won't say.

I gave my all, that's one thing you can't take from me.
I feel what you're saying but it numbs me.
I've looked beautiful people in the face who were ugly.
I don't even give a f@kK and it's funny.

This week had three Mondays that I beat with a heart 
in the heat for some money that means nothing to me.
As some seek, and they seek yet find nothing.
Others seem like they can't get enough of it.

Even good people do bad things
sometimes, for the right reasons.
And I think this life is but a season for blinking
and leaving behind the breath your breathing.

Paths split, and lead no place.
Loose lips sink the most ships. Not waves.
Footprints only tell where your feet fell.
Following in the footsteps resembles riding on coat tails. 

Finding yourself in an unsettling strange place.
Darkness concealing a pale face.
Concrete, steel and the familiar rat race.
Where second is really just the first last place.

As decay sinks its teeth deeper everyday,
dwellers and dreamers die and drift away.
Plans infringed, intent unhinged, and betrayed.
The shifting sands disrupt the dancing day.

Plastic people can spread the evil with just their eyes.
Glaring cold and far, long into the hollow night.
Noise pollution the quaint solution I sense.
Who cares to hear a pin drop, a heart stop,
prefers eggshells to walk on top?

What if Silence called? 
Rang the phone off the wall.
Became an ace at drawing straws.
With broken arms Time still crawls.

Fangs dripping, a quiet giant creeping.
With a grip that tightens while you're sleeping
Slipping like I do. Defiantly, It's been slipping right beside you.
Licking at your earlobe. Snapping at your heels.

All your cookies crumbled. 
And then all the milk got spilled.
Engines rev and roar.
Needy hands pulling on push doors.

H3ll-bent and hungry. 
P!$$ed off and coming to take s#!t 
you don't need away from you.
The Struggle. The Hustle. The F@kk you.

Welcome to the way of the jungle.
Everyone around me has a wild look in their eye. And I don't trust them. 
Even Granny is a bad b!tc# and she just might mug you for the #ell of it.

Down the street there are tellers at the bank. 
Told me the grass is always greener over the septic tank. 
And to get over it. Your card is frozen. Sorry we're closing.
It's a five day holiday. Go away. Your money's safe. 
And we don't feel like letting go of what's left of it just yet.
God bless. Please wait. Thank you come again. Get bent. Who's next?

A candle burned from both ends casts twice the light.
Before it's over brothers will war over a single grain of rice. 
There is no one who will ever completely understand you in this life. 
Only you will wear your aching bones. 
Most likely to die alone. 

Depending on the dice and the way you roll
Never live in your body, Live in your soul. 
The body is earthly, it's made of clay.
A conduit for pain. Ignore it.

You will forget the pain.
The soul is divine, unswayed.
Exempt from the torment and time.
Not subject to the patience of grave dust.

All just a curious test to see what you're made of.

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