The Dandelion Seed

The dandelion seed.
I saw a seed that shines
In the cradle of dazzling fibers.
A tiny wrinkled seed that smiles
Floats with clouds in the sky
Listens to a hummingbird in the wind

I saw the seed that shines
As earrings dangles down
On twigs of leaves and buds
Murmurs with butterflies compound eyes
Moving over the paddy fields
Where the harvesting birds tweets
It crosses the embankments
In the slanting rays of the sun.
I saw the seed that shines
Childish mind was blown
Started running behind
While touches meadows
I caught up it in hands
pats and kisses with care.
It crackles the sweetest smile
Turgid with love “The Dandelion Seed”
Resumes growth in the homeland.


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The Dandelion Seed

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