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Tropic Time Travel (Part Four Conclusion)

It was good to be back in our own time. We were not gone long.
We had some sea life we were trying to save. We had them in
Fresh seawater tanks each species had their own space. 
Medication was given to fight off infection, some blood work
pointed us in the right direction.

My brother looked at me and said we were running out of medicine, we
We're also running low on supplies.
There was no way we could sail back to our main Lab in the toxic water, however; we could 
go back to the Hourglass cave and venture to the near future and obtain needed medicine 
For our recovering sea life.

So we walked to the Hourglass cave, for the lives we could save, we both became brave.
The door to the future was open for us to enter, we walked with hope and a prayer
and sure enough, our future was there.
The lab was well equipped, there was plenty of medicinal supplies so we took what we needed.

Back in our time, we could save our sea life and in place preventive measures slowing the growth 
Of the Algae Bloom. 
Some say a miracle happened that day, the red tide phenomenon went away, we saved the sea life
as well as our own, and made the Island our home.
So ends the Tale, we are off to a happy and healthy sail.

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Tropic Time Travel (Part Four In Conclusion)