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You could tell he was a rebel
As he, and he alone,
Stood tall in the bus queue
Not looking at a mobile phone
The only one  there not
Gaze locked Into cyber land
Or chatting  away to
The palm of his hand.

You could see he was an outsider,
As did those in the queue
And the space between them
Steadily grew and grew and grew.
There was murmuring and muttering
And an air of general unease
And I could see by his grin
He was doing it just to tease.
You could see the tension building
With every tick of the clock
One tore his gaze from the screen
To quietly mutter is he a Warlock
There was panic in the air
Was he from an alien race
Had strange outsider
Arrived from outer space.

For can you trust a being
Who stands out from the crowd
By not shouting his business
Publicly and out loud.
One who doesn't have the grace
To proudly and openly stand
Looking at the little screen of
The smartphone in his hand.

It was an ugly situation until
The stranger dissipated it all
Bringing a Mobile from his pocket
For an an incoming call.
With  signs of relief
Peace returned to that queue
As mass cyber addiction
Was very quickly renewed.

Though he wasn't a cyber hater
Or a relic from cyberless past
And, obviously not a cyber addict,
He wasn't quite the total outcast.
His very brief call ended
He slid away his mobile phone
And once again became
He who stands alone.

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