The Mermaid daughters..

The Mermaid daughters...
The disjunctions in the life
Claims for paternity and maternity runs
until now gypped the little fetus
Miscarriage or unwelcome parturiency
O” The shocking foeticides'
that disposing of in plastics bags and bottles
O” The shocking foeticides'

Silently sea gazes this all
Silently sky peers to all
In the backyards or in trashes
Street dogs while raids the trash
And detects the plastic bags and bottles a lot
Congregated crows cawing and alarming,
An inhuman world without any ethics
O' the prenatally killed fetus
Even the predators don't hurt the fetus.

Ashamed of Medicare's with huge labs
With thunder and lightning heavy rain begins
But the love of nature came as a wave
It started to float in the water
Alas! The little foetus in the plastic gyre.
Reaches in the cradle of the sea.
Sea refilled life in a foetus,
Little limbs moves and heartbeats
The womb to sea floor “a move to live”.
Growths spurt and beautified it more
Sea fishes bestow the scales that shine
Bluish algae's gives proteinaceous feed.
Sea urchins covered as a combative garb
Corals and oysters gave the ornaments
Plays with flowers in the trenches

Little eyes are cerulean and very striking
The lateral side of her neck has gill slits
It's covered by shiny dreadlocked hairs
With flowers in the trenches
While she swims signet rings are visible
The pool of fishes unable to recognize
O' she became a dazzling mermaid
The sea beauty at its best.
The sea beauty at its best.

Oh! Mermaids spin with shark and whales
You saved fishermen at time drowns.
You saved the sailors in cyclones
You saved fishes in the hooks that bleed
Gigantic waves brought her to the shore
With her tail, she disperses soil and moves,
Listen to her rose petal like lips
Makes whistling sound
Her broad pectoral girdles raise while inhales
Her scaly trunk and tail crawl and dance
The warmth of the land and sun adore
But the trunk and tail inside the chrysalis
Oh! Plea to the sea...Plea to the sea
Transform the mermaids to “a daughter of love”.
With the right to live in this land.

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The Mermaid daughters..

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