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One Heart

Lost again, but I will find my way, sadness brings darker days.
Wondering across the land, standing in the sea-soaked sand.
My eyes are focused on an approaching ship.
Sailing in my direction praying for its protection.

"Oh Captin my Captain bring my loving husband back to me
On wide Horizons, he glides across the sea." 
My hope has brought me far, now guided by the northern star
My heart begins to flutter, my body continually shutters

Cross the line of brine filled waves, the crew looks to their Captin brave
If I find my way to your arms, I will no longer be lost, my heart has paid the cost.
The ship draws near and your face is in my sight so clear
The ship moves to the docks, in a rhythmic rock.

An ordinary clipper ship has made its maiden sail, my face becomes a greater
 shade of pale.
The docks welcome the ship, now anchored and secured, the sounds of the
The waters splash no longer clash

I was lost but now am found when my true love stands before me, on seashores
Blessed ground.
I feel his beating heart and I am thankful for its loving sound
We walk away to hills of home to no longer roam apart,
joined again our love becomes one heart.

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One Heart