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Bride and Groom

Wait for the moment of solitude, when all darkness eludes.
Roses fill the room in the hall of the bride and groom
Soft summers days whisper of the union of their love
Shadows of the pure white wings of soaring, graceful doves

Cathedral Bells ring out on rocky hills, a golden moment 
An elegance, gentility has set their hearts aflame when
she takes his hand and name.
Peace and love are rightfully gained

Her white gown of silk and satin train, a vale of lace withholds 
the brides loving face.
In the ceremony, their vows are shared in matrimonies
Loving pair.

Captured by the elegance the two walk the aisle of romance
There is a silence and rain of tears, precious moments that
Grow throughout the years
Hearts of love are joined in peace a gentle bond of sweet release
Hold your chalice high when the kiss of wedded bliss walks by.

( Now begins their life when Groom and Bride becomes Husband and Wife)
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Bride and Groom