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All is Not Lost

In the village, beats the noble heart of a King
He walks without his people's knowledge quietly and
The sun sets, he returns to his Castle, he speaks to his
Knights of the roundtable, firm in his word his decision.
So sound and stable. "All is not lost, the people
will have what they need, my kingdom is not a kingdom of greed!"
"The people work hard, they will have wheat for their bread!"
So it happened as the Good King said.
In the city streets, a Royal Lady walks inconspicuously...
A weary, but, a peaceful farmer brings his wheat to Market, for
sales, his wagon full of many bales...He 
unloads now stands before the vendor
The vendor had no coin to pay, his goods must sell
Before coin would come his way...
The Good Lady sees this action, and on bended knee
Hands the good farmer coins. "What's this?" The man
Inquires. Revealing her face, the farmer perspires.
Knowing her beautiful face, he bids,"Please stand my Grace."
"You work the soil of God's Good Earth, you make it possible
For the People to have their bread. It is a Harvest of great worth."
So it was, The Kingdom of Old was strong we 
We're told, The good King and Queen, who lived in
The castle above, put their people first, took away their 
Hunger, and thirst, they ruled with justice and always
Love...! (All is not lost, a Nurtured Kingdom shall Flourish)

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All is Not Lost