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They Don’t Care!


The words ... “THEY DON’T CARE”, are ringing in my ears!

Pain in my heart - blood stained tears!


People I trusted, who I thought had my back!

What was I thinking?  I must have been whacked!


I have never been in a darker spot!

I am physically on my knees!

But why is it that, not one of you, can hear my desperate pleas!


I feel so empty, abandoned, rejected, and confused!

Distrusted! Questioned! 

Hearing your doubt and contradicting views!


I am tired trying to prove myself,

Why would I lie about my health?

I would have taken a bullet for each and everyone of you!

Yet, I get sick ... and this is what you do?


My heart is heavy,

I sit here feeling numb!

Re-playing over our conversations,

Questioning what I have done?


When did I ever give you cause to question what I say?

I am fiercely loyal always!


I considered my friends to be my family! 

You were all I had...

But how could the people I loved the most in this world, make me feel so sad!


You question who I am? The very essence of me? You have stamped on my heart, but you won’t break me!


I see you now!

So much clearer than before!

My heart is now protected behind 4 reinforced walls!


You once reached inside me to squeeze the life out of my heart!

But my resilience was the defibrillator that re-started my heart!


I have mourned the loss of who I thought you were... you are now officially dust!

A person who clearly doesn’t care for me,  One I can no longer trust!


Written by © Wendy Roberts 14-09-2018


©2000 - 2019 - Individual Authors of the Poetry. All rights reserved by authors.

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