My Life (post divorce and empty nest) in Sonnets

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Original Contemporary Poetry by author, Jean Parr


How does one define disrespect?
Is it gender specific?
In this modern society we live in, is it a sign of disrespect for a woman to buy her man a pair of shoes...rejected!
Is it disrespectful for a man to buy his woman a piece of jewelry...horrific!

Yes, we are independent souls and I'm not stupid to believe that gender norms don't exist; but seriously, have we taken things too far...amplified?
Should grown men and women act like children in the street?
Embarrassment, hurt feelings, and ill placed pride...
Are we really teaching the next generation how to treat one another or is true respect obsolete?

When two individuals decide to spend their lives together, shouldn't pride be set aside?
Should gender, racial, or financial stereotypes rule how they behave?
When one can't communicate freely and honestly with their mate, are they satisfied?
Truly, what do you have but two individuals sharing air, indignation, and a relationship grave.

I see disrespect as allowing your pride to rule your actions.
I see respect as allowing others to give you a hand, regardless of whether or not you asked for it; it's not always a simple transaction.

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