Jade deserves all my apologies and no one else

I met her online as deeply_hurt but soon she gave me her real name, email addy, work address in the Middle East as RN and her precious time. She knew about me and learned to love me in the process. Sabi niya pa mukha daw akong pabling but I had proven that she’s the only GF I got when we were in the relationship. She and my son got along very well as my kid truly liked her to be his second mom. The y joked around, told stories and my boy never said "Oh he has another GF other than you" which he teased with Leah and Alexis who both got jealous saying the kid would not lie. In short, my son really approved Jade as my online sweetheart.

We video chat, I called her at work, sent love letters/cards/poems and slept with her. She was a wonderful GF that I couldn’t ask for more. Our long distance affair was only 11.5 months to be exact because I lost my patience when she had another episode of monthly PMS. And I regret being mad at her when she needed me the most. She is now in the Philippines with her parents, brothers, sisters, young nephews and nieces.

One of my goals is to personally ask her forgiveness when I go back to the Philippines in two years time or even if I don’t know her Bulacan address, I probably send her apology letter through their mayor and postmaster. Jade deserves to be treated kindly this time because I was not good to her as I was traumatized by what the San Jose del Monte City woman did to me 14 years ago.

I have to make-up to Jade in any possible means. It is not true, however, that I never loved her to the extreme. She is actually my one great love and nobody else. See you, Jade. I still love you, babes.

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Jade deserves all my apologies and no one else