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A voice of Faith

In a fraction of time, we made the climb. Up the mountain to the top.
Reaching the summit, then suddenly  I feel my heart plummet and I feel it stop
The mist of night encircles the rock of old, know it can fold, no matter how meek or bold.
Reaching to heights do you value the sights?

An altitude is near the Heavens become clear, sunset fades in the shadow of its peaks
The Mountaineers hears the voice of rock of ages speak in soft tones its valor sounds
Upon the Orogeny, ground
stretching as far as the eye can see in the place were peace runs free.

A home to snow and ice where the air is thin to none, it stands to the elements, it cries to no one.
Come to defeat this mountain, however; that will never be.
Walk away to the green valley and leave
There will be a time the heart of man stands for what he believes.

The Valley  will welcome us to guide us to a sacred  space that shows the light of grace
High or low the will of man will find the value of life where ever he may go.
So hold the spirit of the climb and face the love of the land, where mountains often are so grand
In the silent winding wind, a voice of faith will begin to stand
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A Voice of Faith