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“You, You, You”
Can’t live
Won’t die
going to tell
the world
that your
mine, mine, mine,
don’t look
can’t see
everything you do
is hurting
me, me, me,
deep pain
so what
you just sit
and smile
as I
cut, cut, cut,
come back
don’t leave
you got me
wanting you
please, please, please,
last night
so cold
the games you
play with me
are getting
old, old, old,
I give
you take
I’m just another
that you
break, break, break,
why don’t
I learn
I keep believing
burned, burned, burned,
won’t speak
can’t tell
you make my
f---ing life
hell, hell, hell,
fight back
I lose
a never ending
of being
used, used, used,
my dreams
so sad
even when
I sleep
I’m treated
bad, bad, bad,
you know
don’t care
theirs plenty
that are willing
there, there, there,
Can’t live
Won’t die…
     Tom Allen…09-14-2018…